About me

Vesselin Stankov


I bet you know that is not very easy for anyone to describe both themselves and motivation for such a presence on the web. I graduated in Sofia University, majoring in Ecology. For the short time (or not anymore) of my 36 years long life I worked in a lot of areas - provider, an expert in environmental organizations, executive director of Bulgarian retailers association, partner in vegan restaurant, consultant to such, etc. etc. At the moment I feel that I'm in the right place. For two years I work as a lecturer and consultant in Medical Center "Dr. Emilova", where my motivation for work is strongest.

With this blog I hope to share my experience, passion and skill, as I apply in them in my lifestyle and I think it should be shared. I know the materials and statements expressed here will piss off a lot of people. I know that not everyone is comfortable to see sustainable way of life that does not correspond with their own perceptions and beliefs, but as we all know - nature loves diversity!